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Denmark Township Historical Society Mission Statement
"To preserve the history, stories, and traditions of Denmark Township and its people, so that the values and achievements of past generations will inspire and guide those of the future."


Executive Director, Washington County Historical Society


Today we celebrate the goal of purchasing the Valley School by the Denmark Township Historical Society and honor those who donated towards it. For all those people who made the commitment to preserve our heritage - we yell a hearty "Huzzah."
Rural schools did more than educate the young people of the community; they were a cornerstone of the community. The building held classes, but also dances, town meetings, community events and much more. It was the place where information about neighboring communities, families and friends was shared—kind of like the Facebook of today!
The generations of students that sat behind those desks of the Valley School became the next generation's farmers, merchants, lawyers and leaders of the area. They were the ones that created the foundation of each of the communities in which the schools resided and are what our generation continues to build on today. Preserving our past is the core to a bright and useful future.
Preserving the building is only one step toward preserving our past—there is more to do. Historical Societies are noted as looking back, but in reality Historical Societies look toward the future. They save, preserve and tell the stories of the past for the people of today and the generations that follow us.
Today we celebrate our past, but we also prepare for the future. Congratulations to the Denmark Township Historical Society and the citizens of this area. Your work to obtain the school has been great, and we at the Washington County Historical Society look forward to working with you today and into the future.



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